10 Tips on Managing Your Mental Health 十種管理心理健康的方法

1. Connect with others. Develop and maintain strong relationships with people around you who will support and enrich your life. The quality of our personal relationships has a great effect on our wellbeing.

2.Take time to enjoy. Set aside time for activities, hobbies and projects you enjoy. Let yourself be spontaneous and  creative when the urge takes you.


3. Participate and share interests. Being part of a group of people with a common interest provides a sense of belonging and is good for your mental health.


4.Work with Your Doctor and Create a Medical Team. If you think that you are dealing with a mental health issue then why not seek out a second opinion? You have option and recovery is possible.


5.Take care of yourself. Be active and eat well -maintain a healthy body. Physical and mental health are closely linked; it’s easier to feel good about life if your body feels good.


6. Challenge yourself . Lear new skill or take on a challenge to meet a goal. Learning improves your mental fitness and striving to meet your own goals builds skills and confidence and gives you a sense of progress and achievement.


7. Deal with stress. Be aware of what triggers your stress and how you react. You may be avoid some of the triggers and learn to prepare for or manage others. Stress is a part of life and affects people in different ways. It only becomes a problem when it makes you feel uncomfortable or distressed. A balanced lifestyle can help you manage stress better.

8.Rest and refresh. Get plenty of sleep. Go to bed at a regular time each day and practice good habits to get better sleep. Sleep restores both your mind and body. How ever, feelings of fatigue can still set in if you feel constantly rushed and overwhelmed when you are awake.


9. Notice the here and now. Take a moment to notice each of your senses each day. Try to ‘be’ in the moment this is called mindfulness. It’s easy to get caught up and think about the past or planning for the future instead of experiencing the present. Being conscious of your inner and outer world is important for your mental health.


10. Ask for help. Reach out to a friend, family member, community resource, trusted colleague, counselor, teacher and perhaps find an advocate. Speak to your doctor (GP) about where to find community mental health service and if necessary as for a referral to a psychiatrist. Reach out to a crisis line, peer support groups, seek out reputable websites to gain knowledge and participate on an online forum. Attend to Emergency services if you feel unsafe. Please remember that you are not alone!

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