CMWAC Appreciation Fundraising Event for Bursary Funds

On Saturday June 12th, 2021, the Community Mental Wellness Association of Canada (CMWAC) held a bursary fundraising event to raise money for students pursuing a post-secondary education in the fields of health sciences or psychology. Ching Colobong, President of the CMWAC Board, began the event by giving a welcome speech for the guests. At 5:30 pm, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie along with City Councillors Bill McNulty and Chak Au arrived to deliver speeches congratulating CMWAC Executive Director Ahlay Chin on contributing over 28 years to both the Richmond and Chinese community through her hard work for the Association. Additionally, Honourable MP Alice Wong also expressed her full support in her congratulatory video speech.

The event continued with a variety of performances by special guests. including Ada Ching, MC of the event; Eric Szeto, Community Leader; Opera performer Xu Baiping; Guitarist Liu Zhenggang; Pianist Xia Bin and Ms. Feng; Singers Liang Baoer and Kevin, as well as Alberto from El Salvador, who performed a poetry recital. Additionally, there were virtual dance performances by Roots Peruvian Folk Dance, and prize draws. Cakes and other refreshments were provided by the event sponsor, Janice Cake Shop.

The event also promoted CMWAC’s current services and initiatives. To address increased mental health concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CMWAC has increased mental wellness services by running mental health workshops online over Zoom, which are open to the public every other Wednesday and Thursday. In addition, the Association continues to also hold free online computer classes and host classes on mindfulness. You can learn more about these services and how they can help you, by visiting, emailing at, or calling at 604-273-1791.

The fundraiser would not have been possible without the generous support of volunteers including directors such as Eric Chen, Lin Hai, Miao Ling, Anita, and members of the CMWAC Youth Ambassador group. By the end of the night, over $5000 was raised for the CMWAC Bursary Funds, which will go towards assisting high school graduates with financial need who will pursue post-secondary education in the fields of health science or psychology in the years to come.

本6月12日星期六加拿大社區情绪健康協会举办助学金筹款感恩庆会。下午5:30, 列治文市长马保定、市议员麦乐田和区泽光等前来祝贺,Rotary Club 名誉会长负责人兼本理事会长 Ching Colobong 致词欢迎来宾,市长和市议员们先后致词,热情赞扬了陈雅莉会长28年来,对列治文及华人社区的贡献,以及她对协会的辛勤耕耘。国会议员黄陈小平来庆贺函表达了充分支持。到场嘉宾纷纷上台献歌或演奏,他们为演艺人Ada,松柏会行政总监司徒顺,京剧表演家许百平, 吉他演奏刘正刚,钢琴演奏家夏斌和冯女士等;演唱的还有 慈善歌后梁寶兒,Kevin,和来自萨尔瓦多的亜伯特的詩歌朗诵。舞蹈表演的有秘鲁菜根舞以及抽奖活动,会场还播放了协会平时的活动和服务,在疫情中集合了一批专家提供了中英文两条心理支援线,每周三/四定时开放给大众,同时也举办了线上免费电脑授课,和设立正念中心举办积极心理学课程;大会赞助商凯悦饼屋和义工们提供了美味饼糕;前耒献爱心一批义工有理事、陈祖閩、林海,妙玲、妮塔和青年团体等等。最后在一片浓厚,爱心歌声中结束了本次的助学金筹款感恩会。感谢大家的热心公益,我们一共为学生助学金筹款约$5000,将撥给有经济需要及优秀的修读医学及心理学学生。