At CMWAC, we believe mental health is important. Important enough to keep our communities vibrant. This belief is at the heart of everything we do.

In 1995, Ahlay CHin founded CMWAC. This is the first charity organization focusing on mental health in the Chinese community. Since then, volunteers and professionals from the community, Together we provide various programs for the community, programs cover online and face-to-face, From spiritual counselling to online social networking, from karaoke to computer courses. CMWAC's programs attract people from various communities in Metro Vancouver.
Participants can find the programs that suit them best.


About Peer Support Program

Online Karaoke

CMWAC 依托Wechat和全民K歌Wesing的網路平台, 創建了online Karaoke 社群, 用歌聲傳遞愛心, 讓音樂鼓舞人心, 把精神健康的理念傳播到社區的各個角落.
CMWAC relies on the network platforms of Wechat and Wesing to create an online Karaoke community.
Use singing to convey love and let music inspire people, Spread the concept of mental health to every corner of the community.

How to join our karaoke community

First, download We sing. After logging in , you can see the group on the personal interface.
Search for HAPPY MENTHALLY HEALTY LIFE in the group. After searching, click to apply to join the group, and you can join our community.
Next, you can choose the songs in the song list, and then release them after singing to participate in our activities.

如何加入我們的Online Karaoke社群



How to participate in the psychological lectures held by the association ?

Our lecture is held on Zoom online. The Zoom ID 7254988477. You can also click this link to enter: . Usually, the event is from 7:00p.m. to 8:30p.m. on the second and third Wednesday of every month, the first one is in English, the second one is either in Cantonese or Mandarin.

How to seek help of men.3tal health?

Social stigma and fear often prevent mental health sufferers from seeking help, but counseling is integral to the recovery process. Our counseling program connects individuals to others facing similar challenges and provide support for both individuals and family members through outreach visits, peer support training, group sharing sessions, and coping-skill management. CONTACT

How to understand and receive our new activities, as well as previous activities?

In the future, we will create an event section where you can see new and past activities. Stay tuned.

Can I apply to be a part of the team?

We welcome everyone to join us and work together to build a healthy community in Canada. JOIN US