Youth Group

Our Youth Group at CMWAC are a group of young volunteer aged 15-24. Youth Group members get to learn new skills, make new friends and get leadership experience. The youth group has planned numerous events and designed informational campaigns.

Past Projects

Past Projects-01

Art Contest

Art is an expression of the soul, and is a great way to express oneself. Through art many people find peace and solace. This is why we wanted to host an art contest – to give the youth a chance to showcase the possibility of art for mental wellbeing.

Past Projects-02

Summer BBQ

When the summer came to an end CMWAC hosted a BBQ, lead by the Youth Group members. The team got to relax, and bring young members of the community together.

Past Projects-03

Leadership Training

Our Youth Group got to be part of a leadership training where they got to learn what it takes to be a leader as well as improve themselves in the related skills:


cmwac bursary 2024 (2)



cmwac bursary 2024


“As a volunteer with CMWAC I was able to take on leadership roles and responsibilities where I learned skills such as communication, organization and team work.“



“Thanks to CMWAC I’ve learned a lot about mental health and ways to fight stigma on mental illness. I’ll certainly be taking my experience and knowledge of what I learned back to Italy.”



“I have had trouble making friends but in my time with CMWAC and with the leadership training I learned how to make new friends and what it means to be a good friend.“


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